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Strategy and support for ambitious women determined to make their businesses thrive in a crazy world

Are you willing to dream big and take action to make those dreams a reality?

With focused strategic planning, managing your business risks and a little bit of mindset wizardry you can create the product-based business you want and the life you dream of living.


You only have one life but an abundance of choices.
Why settle for ordinary, when you can have sensational!

In your business do you feel

Get ready to supercharge your business

Get ready to supercharge your business

What my clients say

“Just wanted to put down on paper how thankful I am for all the help you have given me. I was broken when I first met you and I know I will always be a butty short of a picnic (Wigan saying :)) but you’ve made me see light when all I could see was darkness.

You are an exceptional communicator and you have changed my life. Thanks for everything”


“I recently had the pleasure of working with Joanne on some focussed coaching sessions.  Not only did she allow me to talk through some difficult issues, both work and home related, but Joanne ensured I had a clear goal of what I wanted to achieve from each session.

This brought clarity and peace of mind, allowing me to organise my thoughts and reflect.  Joanne used her skills to remain professional, allowing me time to explore the subjects in depth, facilitating me to find my own resolutions.”

Deb Murphy, Danbro

“Joanne was great!  She has really helped me work through a number of things I was struggling with, in both my work and personal life and would highly recommend her.

She is a lovely person, very warm and reassuring and also professional in her approach. Joanne was a great listener and retained what I had told her at previous sessions, often that I had forgotten myself, she was brilliant at teasing things out of me that I didn’t know I even thought!”

Helena Wallis, UClan

Ways to work with me

High Impact Strategy Session ~ a small bite with big results

See things clearly, get answers, grow ideas, and make decisions – all in one 90 minute session!

You’ll also get an objective viewpoint, constructive feedback and expert guidance, so you can get clarity and supercharge your future

£195 + VAT


Ready for the full package?

Let’s get stuck right into creative big-business solutions…

Business Consulting & Coaching

Take a step outside of your business and see it with fresh eyes. Inspired business consulting – life changing results.

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Future Focused Risk Management

The only certainty is uncertainty – proactively manage your business risk based upon your strategic priorities.

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