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Unidentified risks are a threat – identified risks are a management issue

Future Focused Risk Management

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Once you have built your strategy and you know where you are going, what you need to do to get there and what resources you will need, your next step is to take a peek at what might put the cat amongst the pigeons.

Enterprise risk management is a big business activity that even the smallest business would benefit from taking a look at. It helps you to identify what risks you face in your business that might prevent you from achieving your objectives.

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Risk Management Workshop

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What is Enterprise Risk Management?2020-09-21T10:12:10+00:00

We live in an ever changing world where we are forced to deal with uncertainty every day. Enterprise risk management is a process of regaining some control over that uncertainty so that the impact to the business is minimised.

What’s an Enterprise Risk Management Workshop like?2020-09-21T10:11:40+00:00

The workshop is a fun, interactive session that will give you fresh eyes on your business and the world in which you operate.

How will an Enterprise Risk Management workshop benefit my business?2020-09-21T10:09:57+00:00

Risks are everywhere and success in business often comes down to recognising and managing the risks associated with potential opportunities. By developing a risk management plan, you have the chance to minimise the impact of potential risks and even turn them into opportunities.

What will I have at the end of the session?2020-09-21T10:09:11+00:00

At the end of the session you will have a greater understanding of the risks that affect your business and you will have strategies to deal with those risks. After the session you will be provided with all the output documents that have been generated, including a prioritised list of your risks, with actions and accountabilities.

What my clients say

“Just wanted to put down on paper how thankful I am for all the help you have given me. I was broken when I first met you and I know I will always be a butty short of a picnic (Wigan saying :)) but you’ve made me see light when all I could see was darkness.

You are an exceptional communicator and you have changed my life. Thanks for everything”


“I recently had the pleasure of working with Joanne on some focussed coaching sessions.  Not only did she allow me to talk through some difficult issues, both work and home related, but Joanne ensured I had a clear goal of what I wanted to achieve from each session.

This brought clarity and peace of mind, allowing me to organise my thoughts and reflect.  Joanne used her skills to remain professional, allowing me time to explore the subjects in depth, facilitating me to find my own resolutions.”

Deb Murphy, Danbro

“Joanne was great!  She has really helped me work through a number of things I was struggling with, in both my work and personal life and would highly recommend her.

She is a lovely person, very warm and reassuring and also professional in her approach. Joanne was a great listener and retained what I had told her at previous sessions, often that I had forgotten myself, she was brilliant at teasing things out of me that I didn’t know I even thought!”

Helena Wallis, UClan
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