Get clarity and confidence in where you are now, where you’re going and how to get there, so your product-based business can soar and you can flourish

Together, we’ll delve into the DNA of your business so you can choose your future and I’ll help you get there.

Joanne Cornish Business Consultant & Coach, Lancashire

Hi there!

I’m Joanne Cornish, Business Consultant, Risk Management Specialist and Coach, from the Ribble Valley. I’m passionate about helping women build the business and the life that they truly desire.

With 30 years in business, working for global companies and running my own businesses I’ve seen all parts of the organisation from production through to sales, purchasing and research and development.

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My brand story

I first decided I wanted to own my own business when I was 19 years old. I had no idea what I wanted to do but I knew it was my destiny.

Fast forward 20 years and I’d qualified as an accountant, had a blossoming global corporate career and had found a passion for managing risk and project management.

But something was missing. The dream of owning my own business was still there and I knew I had to do something about it. So I made the brave leap to leave a secure and progressing career, and take control of my own destiny.

Taking time out of the corporate world gave me time to reset and reassess my priorities.

Ten years on, I’ve sold my original business and now focus on helping women grow their businesses so that they can create the future that they truly desire.

Joanne Cornish Consulting, brings together the wealth of experience gained through twenty years global corporate experience in Risk Management, Corporate Governance and Project Management, along with ten years running my own businesses. I look forward to helping you run yours.

I believe your life can be a masterpiece.

Take charge of your destiny and you will be unstoppable!

I believe your life can be a masterpiece.

Take charge of your destiny and you will be unstoppable!

What matters most

Insightful new thinking

A fresh pair of eyes brings creativity, new ideas and out of the box thinking, to challenge the status quo. Imaginations are fired and new solutions developed.


Gradual change, adaptation, organic movement that becomes part of the organisation’s DNA so it can respond easily to change and be resilient to outside forces.

Collaborative Endeavour

Bringing skills, knowledge and experience together to create a powerhouse of expertise. Combined insights strengthen the effort and lead to better, more profound results.

Joanne Cornish Consultant on expedition to Antartica
Joanne Cornish Consultant diving
Joanne Cornish Consultant cook

Enjoying life as well as business

My happy place is on a hillside and particularly the hills around Patterdale in the Lake District, although living in the Ribble Valley means I can pop my boots on and be in open countryside within minutes.

I enjoy scuba diving and have been known to get wet in a quarry in Cumbria, although these days I much prefer the clearer waters of warmer climes. Over the years, my fondness for globetrotting has taken me to to over 40 countries, and all seven continents.

When I’m home, you’ll most likely find me in the kitchen cooking up something delicious, or curled up with one of me three rescue cats with my nose in a good book.

More about Joanne

In her 20 year corporate career, Joanne has worked with businesses all over the world, from China to Brazil and been responsible for Corporate Governance in a €500 million turnover global business.

She’s been Financial Controller for a European business with 15 manufacturing sites, managed the implementation of a new worldwide internal control project, and project managed a $130 million acquisition.

“Just wanted to put down on paper how thankful I am for all the help you have given me. I was broken when I first met you and I know I will always be a butty short of a picnic (Wigan saying :)) but you’ve made me see light when all I could see was darkness.

You are an exceptional communicator and you have changed my life. Thanks for everything”


“I recently had the pleasure of working with Joanne on some focussed coaching sessions.  Not only did she allow me to talk through some difficult issues, both work and home related, but Joanne ensured I had a clear goal of what I wanted to achieve from each session.

This brought clarity and peace of mind, allowing me to organise my thoughts and reflect.  Joanne used her skills to remain professional, allowing me time to explore the subjects in depth, facilitating me to find my own resolutions.”

Deb Murphy, Danbro

“Joanne was great!  She has really helped me work through a number of things I was struggling with, in both my work and personal life and would highly recommend her.

She is a lovely person, very warm and reassuring and also professional in her approach. Joanne was a great listener and retained what I had told her at previous sessions, often that I had forgotten myself, she was brilliant at teasing things out of me that I didn’t know I even thought!”

Helena Wallis, UClan

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